org.mapdb.serializer / SerializerArrayTuple


open class SerializerArrayTuple : GroupSerializer<Array<Any>>

Serializer for tuples. It serializes fixed size array, where each array index can use different serializer. It takes array of serializes in constructor parameter. All tuples (arrays) must have the same size.


<init> SerializerArrayTuple(serializers: Array<Serializer<Any>>, comparators: Array<Comparator<Any>>)
SerializerArrayTuple(vararg serializers: Serializer<Any>)


compare open fun compare(o1: Array<Any>, o2: Array<Any>): Int
deserialize open fun deserialize(input: DataInput2, available: Int): Array<Any>
equals open fun equals(a1: Array<Any>, a2: Array<Any>): Boolean
hashCode open fun hashCode(objects: Array<Any>, seed: Int): Int
isTrusted open fun isTrusted(): Boolean
nextValue open fun nextValue(value: Array<Any>): Array<Any>
serialize open fun serialize(out: DataOutput2, value: Array<Any>): Unit
valueArrayCopyOfRange open fun valueArrayCopyOfRange(vals: Any, from: Int, to: Int): Any
valueArrayDeleteValue open fun valueArrayDeleteValue(vals0: Any, pos: Int): Any
valueArrayDeserialize open fun valueArrayDeserialize(in: DataInput2, size: Int): Any
valueArrayEmpty open fun valueArrayEmpty(): Any
valueArrayFromArray open fun valueArrayFromArray(objects: Array<Any>): Any
valueArrayGet open fun valueArrayGet(vals: Any, pos: Int): Array<Any>
valueArrayPut open fun valueArrayPut(vals: Any, pos: Int, newValue: Array<Any>): Any
valueArraySearch open fun valueArraySearch(keys: Any, key: Array<Any>): Int
open fun valueArraySearch(keys: Any, key: Array<Any>, comparator: Comparator<Any>): Int
valueArraySerialize open fun valueArraySerialize(out: DataOutput2, vals: Any): Unit
valueArraySize open fun valueArraySize(vals: Any): Int
valueArrayUpdateVal open fun valueArrayUpdateVal(vals: Any, pos: Int, newValue: Array<Any>): Any

Inherited Functions

valueArrayBinaryGet open fun valueArrayBinaryGet(input: DataInput2, keysLen: Int, pos: Int): A
valueArrayToArray open fun valueArrayToArray(vals: Any): Array<Any>