org.mapdb / DataOutput2


open class DataOutput2 : OutputStream, DataOutput

Output of serialization


<init> DataOutput2()


buf var buf: ByteArray
pos var pos: Int
sizeMask var sizeMask: Int


copyBytes open fun copyBytes(): ByteArray
ensureAvail open fun ensureAvail(n: Int): Unit

make sure there will be enough space in buffer to write N bytes

packInt open fun packInt(value: Int): Unit
packIntBigger open fun packIntBigger(value: Int): Unit
packLong open fun packLong(value: Long): Unit
packLongArray open fun packLongArray(array: LongArray, fromIndex: Int, toIndex: Int): Unit
write open fun write(b: Int): Unit
open fun write(b: ByteArray): Unit
open fun write(b: ByteArray, off: Int, len: Int): Unit
writeBoolean open fun writeBoolean(v: Boolean): Unit
writeByte open fun writeByte(v: Int): Unit
writeBytes open fun writeBytes(s: String): Unit
writeChar open fun writeChar(v: Int): Unit
writeChars open fun writeChars(s: String): Unit
writeDouble open fun writeDouble(v: Double): Unit
writeFloat open fun writeFloat(v: Float): Unit
writeInt open fun writeInt(v: Int): Unit
writeLong open fun writeLong(v: Long): Unit
writeShort open fun writeShort(v: Int): Unit
writeUTF open fun writeUTF(s: String): Unit