org.mapdb.volume / ByteArrayVol


class ByteArrayVol : Volume

Created by jan on 2/29/16.


<init> ByteArrayVol()
ByteArrayVol(sliceShift: Int, initSize: Long)


FACTORY static val FACTORY: VolumeFactory

Inherited Properties


If sun.misc.Unsafe is available it will use Volume based on Unsafe. If Unsafe is not available for some reason (Android), use DirectByteBuffer instead.


clear fun clear(startOffset: Long, endOffset: Long): Unit
close fun close(): Unit
copyTo fun copyTo(inputOffset: Long, target: Volume, targetOffset: Long, size: Long): Unit
ensureAvailable fun ensureAvailable(offset: Long): Unit
getByte fun getByte(offset: Long): Byte
getData fun getData(offset: Long, bytes: ByteArray, bytesPos: Int, length: Int): Unit
getDataInput fun getDataInput(offset: Long, size: Int): DataInput2
getDataInputOverlap fun getDataInputOverlap(offset: Long, size: Int): DataInput2
getFile fun getFile(): File
getFileLocked fun getFileLocked(): Boolean
getInt fun getInt(offset: Long): Int
getLong fun getLong(offset: Long): Long
isReadOnly fun isReadOnly(): Boolean
isSliced fun isSliced(): Boolean
length fun length(): Long
putByte fun putByte(offset: Long, value: Byte): Unit
putData fun putData(offset: Long, src: ByteArray, srcPos: Int, srcSize: Int): Unit
fun putData(offset: Long, buf: ByteBuffer): Unit
putDataOverlap fun putDataOverlap(offset: Long, data: ByteArray, pos: Int, len: Int): Unit
putInt fun putInt(offset: Long, value: Int): Unit
putLong fun putLong(offset: Long, v: Long): Unit
sliceSize fun sliceSize(): Int
sync fun sync(): Unit
truncate fun truncate(size: Long): Unit

Inherited Functions

assertZeroes open fun assertZeroes(startOffset: Long, endOffset: Long): Unit

Check that all bytes between given offsets are zero. This might cross 1MB boundaries

clearOverlap open fun clearOverlap(startOffset: Long, endOffset: Long): Unit
copyFrom open fun copyFrom(input: InputStream): Unit

Copy content from InputStream into this Volume.

copyTo open fun copyTo(to: Volume): Unit

Copy content of this volume to another. Target volume might grow, but is never shrank. Target is also not synced

open fun copyTo(output: OutputStream): Unit

Copy content of this volume to OutputStream.

deleteFile open fun deleteFile(): Unit
fileLoad open fun fileLoad(): Boolean

If underlying storage is memory-mapped-file, this method will try to load and precache all file data into disk cache. Most likely it will call MappedByteBuffer#load(), but could also read content of entire file etc This method will not pin data into memory, they might be removed at any time.

getPackedLong open fun getPackedLong(position: Long): Long

Unpack long value from the Volume. Highest 4 bits reused to indicate number of bytes read from Volume. One can use result & DataIO.PACK_LONG_RESULT_MASK to remove size;

getSixLong open fun getSixLong(pos: Long): Long
getUnsignedByte open fun getUnsignedByte(offset: Long): Int
getUnsignedShort open fun getUnsignedShort(offset: Long): Int
hash open fun hash(off: Long, len: Long, seed: Long): Long

Calculates XXHash64 from this Volume content.

isClosed open fun isClosed(): Boolean
putPackedLong open fun putPackedLong(pos: Long, value: Long): Int

Put packed long at given position.

putSixLong open fun putSixLong(pos: Long, value: Long): Unit
putUnsignedByte open fun putUnsignedByte(offset: Long, b: Int): Unit
putUnsignedShort open fun putUnsignedShort(offset: Long, value: Int): Unit