org.mapdb / Verifiable


interface Verifiable

Class can verify its status and data integrity: collections, Stores...


verify abstract fun verify(): Unit


BTreeMap class BTreeMap<K, V> : Verifiable, Closeable, Serializable, ConcurrencyAware, ConcurrentNavigableMap<K, V>, ConcurrentNavigableMapExtra<K, V>

A scalable concurrent {@link ConcurrentNavigableMap} implementation. The map is sorted according to the {@linkplain Comparable natural ordering} of its keys, or by a {@link Comparator} provided at map creation time.

HTreeMap class HTreeMap<K, V> : ConcurrentMap<K, V>, ConcurrencyAware, MapExtra<K, V>, Verifiable, Closeable

Concurrent HashMap which uses IndexTree for hash table

QueueLong class QueueLong : Verifiable

FIFO Queue with option to remove element from middle

Store interface Store : StoreImmutable, Verifiable, ConcurrencyAware

Stores records, mutable version