org.mapdb / Store


interface Store : StoreImmutable, Verifiable, ConcurrencyAware

Stores records, mutable version


isClosed abstract val isClosed: Boolean
isReadOnly abstract val isReadOnly: Boolean

Inherited Properties

isThreadSafe abstract val isThreadSafe: Boolean

returns true if this is configured to be thread safe


close abstract fun close(): Unit
commit abstract fun commit(): Unit
compact abstract fun compact(): Unit
compareAndSwap abstract fun <R> compareAndSwap(recid: Long, expectedOldRecord: R?, newRecord: R?, serializer: Serializer<R>): Boolean
delete abstract fun <R> delete(recid: Long, serializer: Serializer<R>): Unit
fileLoad abstract fun fileLoad(): Boolean
preallocate abstract fun preallocate(): Long
put abstract fun <R> put(record: R?, serializer: Serializer<R>): Long
update abstract fun <R> update(recid: Long, record: R?, serializer: Serializer<R>): Unit
verify abstract fun verify(): Unit

Inherited Functions

checkThreadSafe open fun checkThreadSafe(): Unit

checks all subcomponents, if this component is really thread safe, and throws an exception if not thread safe

get abstract fun <R> get(recid: Long, serializer: Serializer<R>): R?
getAllFiles abstract fun getAllFiles(): Iterable<String>
getAllRecids abstract fun getAllRecids(): LongIterator


StoreBinary interface StoreBinary : Store
StoreDirectAbstract abstract class StoreDirectAbstract : Store

Common utils for StoreDirect, StoreWAL and StoreCached

StoreOnHeap class StoreOnHeap : Store

Store which does not use serialization, but puts everything into on-heap Map.

StoreReadOnlyWrapper class StoreReadOnlyWrapper : Store

Wraps Store and throws UnsupportedOperationException("Read-only") on operations which would modify it

StoreTrivial open class StoreTrivial : Store

Store which serializes its content into primitive Map<Long,byte[]>. It optionally persist its content into file, in this case it supports rollback and durability.

StoreTx interface StoreTx : Store

Stores records, transactional version