org.mapdb / SortedTableMap


class SortedTableMap<K, V> : ConcurrentMap<K, V>, ConcurrentNavigableMap<K, V>, ConcurrentNavigableMapExtra<K, V>

Read only Sorted Table Map. It stores data in table and uses binary search to find records


Maker class Maker<K, V>
NodeIterator class NodeIterator
Sink abstract class Sink<K, V> : Sink<<ERROR CLASS><K, V>, SortedTableMap<K, V>>


<init> SortedTableMap(keySerializer: GroupSerializer<K>, valueSerializer: GroupSerializer<V>, pageSize: Long, volume: Volume, hasValues: Boolean = false)

Read only Sorted Table Map. It stores data in table and uses binary search to find records


comparator val comparator: GroupSerializer<K>
entries val entries: MutableSet<MutableEntry<K, V>>
hasValues val hasValues: Boolean
keySerializer val keySerializer: GroupSerializer<K>
keys val keys: NavigableSet<K>
pageCount val pageCount: Long
pageKeys val pageKeys: Any

first key at beginning of each page

pageSize val pageSize: Long
size val size: Int
sizeLong val sizeLong: Long
valueSerializer val valueSerializer: GroupSerializer<V>
values val values: MutableCollection<V>
volume val volume: Volume


ceilingEntry fun ceilingEntry(key: K?): MutableEntry<K, V>?
ceilingKey fun ceilingKey(key: K?): K?
clear fun clear(): Unit
close fun close(): Unit
comparator fun comparator(): Comparator<in K>?
containsKey fun containsKey(key: K?): Boolean
containsValue fun containsValue(value: V?): Boolean
descendingEntryIterator fun descendingEntryIterator(): MutableIterator<MutableEntry<K, V?>>
fun descendingEntryIterator(lo: K?, loInclusive: Boolean, hi: K?, hiInclusive: Boolean): MutableIterator<MutableEntry<K, V?>>
descendingKeyIterator fun descendingKeyIterator(): MutableIterator<K>
fun descendingKeyIterator(lo: K?, loInclusive: Boolean, hi: K?, hiInclusive: Boolean): MutableIterator<K>
descendingKeySet fun descendingKeySet(): NavigableSet<K>?
descendingMap fun descendingMap(): ConcurrentNavigableMap<K, V>
descendingNodeIterator fun descendingNodeIterator(): NodeIterator
descendingValueIterator fun descendingValueIterator(): MutableIterator<V>
fun descendingValueIterator(lo: K?, loInclusive: Boolean, hi: K?, hiInclusive: Boolean): MutableIterator<V>
entryIterator fun entryIterator(): MutableIterator<MutableEntry<K, V>>
fun entryIterator(lo: K?, loInclusive: Boolean, hi: K?, hiInclusive: Boolean): MutableIterator<MutableEntry<K, V?>>
equals fun equals(other: Any?): Boolean
findHigher fun findHigher(key: K?, inclusive: Boolean): MutableEntry<K, V>?
findHigherKey fun findHigherKey(key: K?, inclusive: Boolean): K?
findLower fun findLower(key: K?, inclusive: Boolean): MutableEntry<K, V>?
findLowerKey fun findLowerKey(key: K?, inclusive: Boolean): K?
firstEntry fun firstEntry(): MutableEntry<K, V>?
firstKey fun firstKey(): K
firstKey2 fun firstKey2(): K?
floorEntry fun floorEntry(key: K?): MutableEntry<K, V>?
floorKey fun floorKey(key: K?): K?
forEach fun forEach(action: BiConsumer<in K, in V>): Unit
forEachKey fun forEachKey(procedure: (K) -> Unit): Unit
forEachValue fun forEachValue(procedure: (V) -> Unit): Unit
get fun get(key: K?): V?
headMap fun headMap(toKey: K?, inclusive: Boolean): ConcurrentNavigableMap<K, V>
fun headMap(toKey: K): ConcurrentNavigableMap<K, V>
higherEntry fun higherEntry(key: K?): MutableEntry<K, V>?
higherKey fun higherKey(key: K?): K?
isClosed fun isClosed(): Boolean
isEmpty fun isEmpty(): Boolean
keyIterator fun keyIterator(): MutableIterator<K>
fun keyIterator(lo: K?, loInclusive: Boolean, hi: K?, hiInclusive: Boolean): MutableIterator<K>
lastEntry fun lastEntry(): MutableEntry<K, V>?
lastKey fun lastKey(): K
lastKey2 fun lastKey2(): K?
lowerEntry fun lowerEntry(key: K?): MutableEntry<K, V>?
lowerKey fun lowerKey(key: K?): K?
navigableKeySet fun navigableKeySet(): NavigableSet<K>?
nodeIterator fun nodeIterator(): NodeIterator
fun nodeIterator(lo: K): NodeIterator
nodeSearch fun nodeSearch(key: K, offset: Long, offsetWithHead: Long, nodeCount: Int): Int
pollFirstEntry fun pollFirstEntry(): MutableEntry<K, V>?
pollLastEntry fun pollLastEntry(): MutableEntry<K, V>?
put fun put(key: K?, value: V?): V?
putAll fun putAll(from: Map<out K?, V?>): Unit
putIfAbsent fun putIfAbsent(key: K?, value: V?): V?
putIfAbsentBoolean fun putIfAbsentBoolean(key: K?, value: V?): Boolean

Atomically associates the specified key with the given value if it is not already associated with a value.

remove fun remove(key: K?): V?
fun remove(key: Any?, value: Any?): Boolean
replace fun replace(key: K?, oldValue: V?, newValue: V?): Boolean
fun replace(key: K?, value: V?): V?
sizeLong fun sizeLong(): Long

map size as long number

subMap fun subMap(fromKey: K?, fromInclusive: Boolean, toKey: K?, toInclusive: Boolean): ConcurrentNavigableMap<K, V>
fun subMap(fromKey: K, toKey: K): ConcurrentNavigableMap<K, V>
tailMap fun tailMap(fromKey: K?, inclusive: Boolean): ConcurrentNavigableMap<K, V>
fun tailMap(fromKey: K): ConcurrentNavigableMap<K, V>
valueIterator fun valueIterator(): MutableIterator<V>
fun valueIterator(lo: K?, loInclusive: Boolean, hi: K?, hiInclusive: Boolean): MutableIterator<V>

Companion Object Functions

create fun <K, V> create(volume: Volume, keySerializer: GroupSerializer<K>, valueSerializer: GroupSerializer<V>): Maker<K, V>
createFromSink fun <K, V> createFromSink(keySerializer: GroupSerializer<K>, valueSerializer: GroupSerializer<V>, volume: Volume, pageSize: Long = CC.PAGE_SIZE, nodeSize: Int = CC.BTREEMAP_MAX_NODE_SIZE): Sink<K, V>
open fun <K, V> open(volume: Volume, keySerializer: GroupSerializer<K>, valueSerializer: GroupSerializer<V>): SortedTableMap<K, V>