org.mapdb / MapExtra


interface MapExtra<K, V> : ConcurrentMap<K, V>

Extra methods for Map interface


keySerializer abstract val keySerializer: Serializer<K>
valueSerializer abstract val valueSerializer: Serializer<V>


forEach abstract fun forEach(action: BiConsumer<in K, in V>): Unit
forEachKey abstract fun forEachKey(procedure: (K) -> Unit): Unit
forEachValue abstract fun forEachValue(procedure: (V) -> Unit): Unit
isClosed abstract fun isClosed(): Boolean
putIfAbsentBoolean abstract fun putIfAbsentBoolean(key: K?, value: V?): Boolean

Atomically associates the specified key with the given value if it is not already associated with a value.

sizeLong abstract fun sizeLong(): Long

map size as long number


ConcurrentNavigableMapExtra interface ConcurrentNavigableMapExtra<K, V> : ConcurrentNavigableMap<K, V>, MapExtra<K, V>, ConcurrentNavigableMap2<K, V>
HTreeMap class HTreeMap<K, V> : ConcurrentMap<K, V>, ConcurrencyAware, MapExtra<K, V>, Verifiable, Closeable

Concurrent HashMap which uses IndexTree for hash table