org.mapdb / ConcurrentNavigableMapExtra


interface ConcurrentNavigableMapExtra<K, V> : ConcurrentNavigableMap<K, V>, MapExtra<K, V>, ConcurrentNavigableMap2<K, V>


hasValues abstract val hasValues: Boolean

Inherited Properties

keySerializer abstract val keySerializer: Serializer<K>
valueSerializer abstract val valueSerializer: Serializer<V>


descendingEntryIterator abstract fun descendingEntryIterator(): MutableIterator<MutableEntry<K, V?>>
abstract fun descendingEntryIterator(lo: K?, loInclusive: Boolean, hi: K?, hiInclusive: Boolean): MutableIterator<MutableEntry<K, V?>>
descendingKeyIterator abstract fun descendingKeyIterator(): MutableIterator<K>
abstract fun descendingKeyIterator(lo: K?, loInclusive: Boolean, hi: K?, hiInclusive: Boolean): MutableIterator<K>
descendingValueIterator abstract fun descendingValueIterator(): MutableIterator<V?>
abstract fun descendingValueIterator(lo: K?, loInclusive: Boolean, hi: K?, hiInclusive: Boolean): MutableIterator<V?>
entryIterator abstract fun entryIterator(lo: K?, loInclusive: Boolean, hi: K?, hiInclusive: Boolean): MutableIterator<MutableEntry<K, V?>>
findHigher abstract fun findHigher(key: K?, inclusive: Boolean): MutableEntry<K, V>?
findHigherKey abstract fun findHigherKey(key: K?, inclusive: Boolean): K?
findLower abstract fun findLower(key: K?, inclusive: Boolean): MutableEntry<K, V>?
findLowerKey abstract fun findLowerKey(key: K?, inclusive: Boolean): K?
keyIterator abstract fun keyIterator(): MutableIterator<K>
abstract fun keyIterator(lo: K?, loInclusive: Boolean, hi: K?, hiInclusive: Boolean): MutableIterator<K?>
valueIterator abstract fun valueIterator(lo: K?, loInclusive: Boolean, hi: K?, hiInclusive: Boolean): MutableIterator<V?>

Inherited Functions

firstKey2 abstract fun firstKey2(): K
isClosed abstract fun isClosed(): Boolean
lastKey2 abstract fun lastKey2(): K
sizeLong abstract fun sizeLong(): Long

map size as long number


BTreeMap class BTreeMap<K, V> : Verifiable, Closeable, Serializable, ConcurrencyAware, ConcurrentNavigableMap<K, V>, ConcurrentNavigableMapExtra<K, V>

A scalable concurrent {@link ConcurrentNavigableMap} implementation. The map is sorted according to the {@linkplain Comparable natural ordering} of its keys, or by a {@link Comparator} provided at map creation time.

SortedTableMap class SortedTableMap<K, V> : ConcurrentMap<K, V>, ConcurrentNavigableMap<K, V>, ConcurrentNavigableMapExtra<K, V>

Read only Sorted Table Map. It stores data in table and uses binary search to find records