org.mapdb.serializer / SerializerArray


open class SerializerArray<T : Any> : GroupSerializerObjectArray<Array<T>>

Serializes an object array of non-primitive objects. This serializer takes two parameters: - serializer used for each component - componentType is class used to instantiate arrays. Generics are erased at runtime, this class controls what type of array will be instantiated. See java.lang.reflect.Array#newInstance(Class, int)


<init> SerializerArray(serializer: Serializer<T>)

Wraps given serializer and produces Object[] serializer. To produce array with different component type, specify extra class.

SerializerArray(serializer: Serializer<T>, componentType: Class<T>)

Wraps given serializer and produces array serializer.


compare open fun compare(o1: Array<Any>, o2: Array<Any>): Int
deserialize open fun deserialize(in: DataInput2, available: Int): Array<T>
equals open fun equals(a1: Array<T>, a2: Array<T>): Boolean
open fun equals(other: Any?): Boolean
hashCode open fun hashCode(objects: Array<T>, seed: Int): Int
open fun hashCode(): Int
isTrusted open fun isTrusted(): Boolean
serialize open fun serialize(out: DataOutput2, value: Array<T>): Unit

Inherited Functions

valueArrayCopyOfRange open fun valueArrayCopyOfRange(vals: Any, from: Int, to: Int): Array<Any>
valueArrayDeleteValue open fun valueArrayDeleteValue(vals: Any, pos: Int): Array<Any>
valueArrayDeserialize open fun valueArrayDeserialize(in: DataInput2, size: Int): Array<Any>
valueArrayEmpty open fun valueArrayEmpty(): Array<Any>
valueArrayFromArray open fun valueArrayFromArray(objects: Array<Any>): Array<Any>
valueArrayGet open fun valueArrayGet(vals: Any, pos: Int): A
valueArraySerialize open fun valueArraySerialize(out: DataOutput2, vals: Any): Unit
valueArraySize open fun valueArraySize(vals: Any): Int
valueArrayToArray open fun valueArrayToArray(vals: Any): Array<Any>


SerializerArrayDelta open class SerializerArrayDelta<T : Any> : SerializerArray<T>

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