Changelog for 2.X releases

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2.0-beta13 released (2016-02-21)

Fixed some minor issues. Probably last 2.0 release, 3.0 is coming soon.


  • Fix #656, HTreeMap.isEmpty() broken with counter enabled.
  • SerializerPojo#registerClass cannot handle interfaces: NullPointerException in getFields. Fix #653
  • StoreWAL: handle case when write cache becomes inconsistent if commit dies.
  • StoreCached: fix NPE if compaction is called with dirty write cache
  • BTreeKeySerializers are now trusted. Performance improvement. #636
  • StoreDirect: remove parallel compaction
  • StoreCached: fix head initialization after compaction
  • WAL: do not log exception, just warning in case of incomplete WAL
  • Serializer; remove broken ZIGZAG serializers
  • Fix #621. Use special engine, which removes file on close.
  • Maps: add modification listeners that fire after locks have been released #613
  • Serializer: compression wrappers had incorrect equal and hashCode
  • Spurious NullPointerException when closing soft/weak cache , fix #648

2.0-beta12 released (2015-11-26)

There are no breaking changes. Fixed data corruption in large stores.


  • Fix #635: Commit on large store could cause data corruption in index table.
  • Fix #634: Empty commit with Append store would log warning and could cause data corruption
  • Fix #633: Compaction on large store fails. (thanks Matthew Schirmer for fixing it)
  • DBMaker: add fileMmapPreclearDisable() option to speedup growth of memory mapped files.

2.0-beta11 released (2015-11-18)

There are no breaking changes. Fixed data corruption bug and concurrency issue in StoreAppend


  • StoreAppend had data corruption issue. Files larger than 16MB would get corrupted. This issue might have affected StoreWAL as well, but it is now fixed for both cases.
  • StoreAppend had race condition. Fixed with temporary hot fix, which lowers performance. Working on profer fix.
  • Small API changes and Javadoc fixes for better 1.0 compatibility

2.0-beta10 released (2015-10-30)

There is breaking storage format change. This version will fail to open store created by 2.0-beta8 and previous versions.


  • Write Ahead Log was refactored into dedicated class. StoreWAL and StoreAppend now share this component.
  • WAL rewritten, now uses checksums
  • WAL has soft replay, commits will be faster once this feature is fully enabled.
  • StoreWAL` and StoreAppend now passes crash resistance test (kill -9).
  • Fixed unit tests on Windows
  • Updated maven plugins and automated release script.
  • 4 new release flavours (mapdb-renamed, mapdb-noassert, mapdb-nounsafe, mapdb-debug)
  • StoreDirect long stack uses better compression for longs.
  • StoreDirect improved memory allocator
  • Fix #583. HTreeMap valueCreator was used, even if value existed.

2.0-beta9 released (2015-10-30)

This release does not exist, number was used to test release script.

2.0-beta8 released (2015-09-28)

There is breaking storage format change. This version will fail to open store created by 2.0-beta7


  • Breaking storage format change
  • Fixed random data corruption which was affecting Titan and other users.
  • Fixed RandomAccessFile to always fully read byte[]

2.0-beta7 released (2015-09-18)

There is storage format change: TreeSet has different format. And byte[] used as key in BTreeMap has format change due to changed comparator.


  • TreeSet is faster and more space efficient, but that causes breaking change in storage format.
  • Fun.BYTE_ARRAY_COMPARATOR comparator treated negative byte as smaller than positive byte. New comparator treats content of byte[] as unsigned, so 0xFF is bigger than 0x0F. Needed for better compatibility and string handling. This causes breaking change if byte[] is used as a key in sorted map/set.
  • Fix #561, queues fails after compaction, when their preallocated recid disappears
  • Fix #562, BTreeMap/HTreeMap: make KeySet public and add sizeLong() method.
  • Fix #468, Queues: NPE on createCircularQueue
  • Fix #541, BTreeMap, HTreeMap: make maps and sets serializable using java serialization.
  • Modify POJO serialization to handle object writeReplace() method. See #495
  • Performance: HTreeMap code sliced into several smaller methods, more JIT friendly.
  • BTreeMap: fix composite keys, fix TreeMap_Composite_Key example
  • TxEngine: fix null handling in CAS.
  • DBMaker: fileMmapEnableIfSupported() does not support 64bit Windows anymore
  • StoreWAL: compaction broken, remove compaction if transactions are enabled.
  • Volume: fix clear method
  • Fix #581, BTreeMap: get() did not followed link, was broken under concurrent update.

2.0-beta6 released (2015-08-18)

There is storage format change: array hashing has changed. If you use any array such as Object[], byte[], long[], etc… as key in HashMap it is not readable in new version.

Hashing in Java is broken. Arrays.hash() and String.hashCode() returns too many collisions. This version replaces Java hashing with XXHash and other improved algorithms.

This version also fixes number of bugs. BTreeMap with valuesOutsideNodesEnable() had storage space leak, now it uses much less space and is faster with updates.


  • Hash code calculation has changed in: Serializer.OBJECT_ARRAY, Serializer.BYTE_ARRAY, Serializer.BYTE_ARRAY_NOSIZE, Serializer.CHAR_ARRAY, Serializer.INT_ARRAY, Serializer.LONG_ARRAY, Serializer.DOUBLE_ARRAY, Serializer.FLOAT_ARRAY, Serializer.SHORT_ARRAY and Serializer.RECID_ARRAY,
  • Hash did not changed in Serializer.STRING, it still uses String.hashCode(). But this hash is broken and for HashMap Key Serializer one should use new Serializer.STRING_XXHASH
  • XXHash64 hash from LZ4-Java project was integrated into MapDB (Volume, DataIO, UnsafeStuff…). Will be fully utilized in next release
  • Some serializers now use Hash Seed. That is better protection from Hash Collision attack.
  • There is new experimental StoreArchive. It is faster, uses less space, but only readonly storage. Its not finished, and next release WILL change its storage format. For details checkout bug report
  • Fixed #403. BTreeMap: storage space leak with valuesOutsideNodesEnable() Old external values were not deleted on update and removal from BTreeMap. Now this case is much faster on updates
  • Fixed #430. Fun: Fun.filter should use the comparator of the filtered set.
  • Fixed #546. Rewrote persistent Serializers in DB. Fixed some warnings.
  • Added Store.fileLoad() to pre-cache file content of mmap files
  • Added DBMaker.CC() to access Compiler Config at runtime.
  • Fixed #385. Untrusted serializers are now limited and can not read beyong record size.
  • Fixed #556. CircularQueue fails to take 1 element if queue is of size 4 and not full.
  • Started work on BTreeMap online compaction, no working code yet. See #545 and #97

2.0 beta5 released (2015-08-12)

Added incremental backups. Less fragmentation. Custom class loaders.


  • MapDB now has full and incremental backups. Checkout examples for details: full and incremental
  • Fixed #555. Class Loader used by POJO serialization is now customizable. Checkout DBMaker.serializerClassLoader() and DBMaker.serializerRegisterClass() methods
  • Reuse recid is now enabled by default. This causes smaller fragmentation.

Version 2.0-beta4 (2015-08-03)

Improvements in crash recovery. Reworked HTreeMap expiration based on store size. Add store allocation options.


  • Improved crash recovery with mmap files.
  • Store now reports free space correctly.
  • HTreeMap expiration based on maximal storage size now works much better. Checkout example for details.
  • Add DBMaker.allocateStartSize() and DBMaker.allocateIncrement() options to control initial store size and how store size increments.
  • StoreDirect and StoreWAL had bug within compaction. That is now fixed.
  • Optimize RandomAccessFile and mmap file Volumes. IO should be bit faster.
  • Fixed POJO serialization on Android 4.2+ devices.

Version 2.0-beta3 (2015-07-23)

Bug fix in Write Ahead Log. Added file locking. Crash recovery improved but still needs more testing. Not sure if disk compaction and commits works on Windows with mmap files.


  • Fixed issue in Write-Ahead-Log. Single record modified by many commit would not be persisted after full replay.
  • Added file locking to prevent multiple processes opening the same store. By default it uses FileChannel.lock() There are two new options: DBMaker.fileLockDisable() to disable locking, and ``
  • many new stress tests
  • Fixed: StoreAppend.get() throws NullPointerException with transaction disabled.
  • More changes into mmap files. Improve handling in case of low-disk space.

Version 2.0-beta2 (2015-07-09)

Lot of bugfixing. Cleaner Hack for mmap files is disabled now. It is recommended not to use mmap files on Windows for now, until we do proper investigation. This release also provides mapdb-renamed maven package, with package name renamed to org.mapdb20

Improved crash recovery for Write Ahead Log and Append Only stores. In some cases MapDB would not replay log, on start after JVM crash. This could potentially lead to data corruption. Crash recovery is still not perfect and will need future improvements.

Memory mapped files could cause JVM crash, for details see Issue 442. Crash would happen if write to mapped ByteBuffer would fail for some reasons (empty disk space). It could also happen if unmapped buffer was accessed.

There were number of changes to solve this issue. Most importantly now MapDB 2.0 now has cleaner hack disabled by default. File handles are not released until Garbage Collection occur. This might cause file handle leaks. On Windows it prevents compaction and commits, since old file is locked and can not be renamed. There is new option DBMaker.fileMmapCleanerHackEnable() to enable Cleaner Hack and release file handle when DB is closed.

Other changes:

  • Race condition between StoreDirect.put() and StoreDirect.compact() is now fixed, for details see Issue 542. As result StoreDirect is now exclusively locked during compaction. With transaction disabled data can not be read or updated, while compaction is running. Performance improvement should be in next release.
  • Build script now produces separate jar file with package renamed to org.mapdb20 and Maven name changed to mapdb-renamed. This should make it easy to use multiple versions in single JVM and migrate data between them.
  • Serializer.JAVA serializer did not work. Fixed #536.
  • Bind.histogram() would not recreate empty secondary set. Fix #453.
  • HTreeMap: fix #538, NullPointerException when HTreeMap.get() was called with non existing key while overflow was enabled
  • Fix custom serializers ignored on map creation #540

Version 2.0-beta1 (2015-06-31)

Storage format and API freeze. Fixed concurrent race conditions and crashes. Storage format has changed since Alpha3. More details about this release in the blog post

List of possible problems:

  • Crash recovery for Write-Ahead-Log and compaction is not completely verified. Data should be safe, but recovery might require user intervention to delete some old files etc.
  • MMap files could cause JVM to crash. Older 1.0 branch also has this bug, it should be fixed in two weeks in 1.0.8 and 2.0-beta2.
  • AppendOnly store does not have compaction. It also needs more testing for crash recovery.
  • Several performance optimizations are disabled. Stability over speed is preferred. Many parts could be 4x faster, but those optimizations are postponed to 2.1 release. However 2.0 is still much faster compared to 1.0 release.

Version 2.0-alpha3 (2015-06-16)

Last unstable version before beta release.

Changelog for 1.X releases

Version 1.0.9 released (2016-02-21)

No breaking changes. Fixed some minor issues. Probably last 1.0 release, 3.0 is coming soon.


  • BTreeMap: found a race condition. Not going to fix. #664
  • SerializerPojo: Additional way to load class from ClassLoader. Fix #620
  • Volume: check against null value before forcing updates to be written #639
  • Maps: Backport sizeLong() methods to 1.x
  • SerializerPojo#registerClass cannot handle interfaces: NullPointerException in getFields. Fix #653
  • File resources are never released after a thread is interrupted when using asyncWriteEnable(), Fix #490

Version 1.0.8 (2015-07-09)

Fixed several bugs.


  • Memory Mapped files could cause JVM crash (~StubRoutines::jlong_disjoint_arraycopy). For details see Issue 442. This was linked to ByteBuffer Cleaner Hack which unmaps buffer when file is closed, rather than waiting to Garbage Collection. Cleaner Hack was disabled by default in 2.0. In 1.0 it is left enabled for compatibility reason. There is new setting DBMaker.mmapFileCleanerHackDisable() to disable it, in case you experience problems.
  • Fixed #452: pumpSource() would fails with empty iterator
  • Fixed #453: Bind.histogram() does not recreate content if secondary collection is empty
  • Fixed #362: failing unit tests on Windows
  • Fixed #517: DB: non serializable serializer could leave name catalog in semi-locked state
  • Fixed #513: Atomic.Var: store does not allow null values. Change initial value from null to empty string “”.
  • Fixed #523: Read-only mmap file not unmapped after close.
  • Fixed #534: BTreeMap: IndexOutOfBoundsException under concurrent access
  • mapdb-renamed was update to 1.0.8. There is script to make release semi-automated

Open issues

  • there are reported isses with data corruption in Write-Ahead-Log. Most notably #509 and #515. I can not reproduce it yet, but working on fixing those.
  • List of open issues in 1.0 branch.

Version 1.0.7 (2015-02-19)

Fixed bugs in Write-Ahead-Log and HTreeMap entry expiration.


  • Fixed serializer for newer android versions. Link
  • Fixed #443 In-memory compaction does not delete temp files
  • Fixed #442 DirectByteBuffer unmapping and Async Write could cause JVM crash on compaction and commit
  • Fixed #419 DB.getHashSet() does not restore expiration settings
  • Fixed #418 HTreeMap expiration was broken
  • Fixed #400 HTreeMap.get() resets TTL to zero in some cases
  • Fixed #417 Infinite loop in Store.calculateStatistics()
  • Fixed #374 Map value creator is never called!
  • Fixed #414 Snapshots were not working under some conditions
  • Fixed #381 WAL corruption with deletes
  • Fixed #364 WAL corruption with async writes
  • Fixed #373 SerializerPojo throws NotSerializableException for Class field
  • Fixed #445 Race condition in Hashtable cache caused ClassCastException

Open issues:

  • A few I could not replicate.

Version 1.0.6 (2014-08-07)

Fixed problem in transaction log replay after unclean shutdown WAL checksum was broken, so it was disabled.


  • Fix #359: WAL log replay could fail after unclean shutdown
  • Workaround #366: WAL checksum was broken, disable WAL checksum.

Version 1.0.5 (2014-07-15)

Fixed transaction log replay failure. Fixed race condition in async writes. Some methods changed from protected to public, to allow external access.


  • Fix #346: WAL log corruption when killing the mapdb process. Discarding corrupted log was not reliable.
  • Fix #356: asyncWriteEnable() had race condition in record preallocation. Could result to data loss. Feature is too complex to fix, so was removed. Expect minor performance regression.
  • Fix DB: TreeMap Pump keyExtractor was not used. Would cause problem with Tuple2 pairs
  • Fix #358: set correct hasher when open exist hash tree map
  • Atomic classes now expose recid via public getRecid() method
  • DB now exposes Name Catalog via public methods. External libraries can manipulate catalog content.

Version 1.0.4 (2014-06-26)

Fixed transaction file locking on Windows.


  • Fix #326, #327, #346 and #323: Transaction log was not unlocked on Windows, causing various issues. Kudos to Rémi Alvergnat for discovering and fixing it.
  • Fix #335: Ensures that file resources are always released on close. Kudos to Luke Butters.

Version 1.0.3 (2014-06-08)

Fixed new space allocation problem, file now increases in 1MB increments. Updated copyright info and added notice.txt


  • Fix #338 Excess storage size on Memory mapped files
  • Add notice.txt with list of copyright holders
  • Updated javadocs

Open problems:

  • Open #304 and #283: BTreeMap fails under concurrent access. Unconfirmed and can not reproduce. It needs more investigation.
  • Documentation

Version 1.0.2 (2014-06-02)

Fixed Serializer.CompressionWrapper(), this bug does not affect DBMaker.compressionEnable()


  • Fix #321: Small behaviour regression in BTreeMap Pump
  • Fix #332: Serializer.CompressionWrapper() decompressed wrong data. Reverted some optimization which caused this issue.

Open problems:

  • Open #304 and #283: BTreeMap fails under concurrent access. Unconfirmed and can not reproduce. It needs more investigation.
  • Documentation

Version 1.0.1 (2014-05-05)

Fixed MRU cache and BTree Pump Presort.


  • Fix #320: BTreeMap pump presort fails
  • Fix #319: ClassCastException in the Cache.LRU

Open problems:

  • Open #304 and #283: BTreeMap fails under concurrent access. Unconfirmed and can not reproduce. It needs more investigation.
  • Documentation

Version 1.0.0 (2014-04-27)

Fixed a few minor problems. Lot of code cleanups.

This is first stable release with long term support. Thanks to everyone who helped to get MapDB this far.


  • Fix #315: DB.delete(name) deletes substring matches
  • SerializerPojo: add interceptors to alter serialized objects

Open problems:

  • Open #304 and #283: BTreeMap fails under concurrent access. Unconfirmed and can not reproduce. It needs more investigation.
  • Documentation

Version 0.9.13 (2014-04-16)

There was another problem with mmap files larger than 2GB.

This is yet another release candidate for 1.0.0. Stable release should follow in 9 days if no problems are found.


  • Fix #313: mmap files larger than 2GB could not be created

Open problems:

  • Open #304 and #283: BTreeMap fails under concurrent access: . Unconfirmed and needs more investigation.
  • Documentation

Version 0.9.12 (2014-04-15)

Previous release was broken, store larger than 16 MB or 2 GB could not be created, that is fixed now. This release also brings number of small cleanups and improved memory consumption.

The store format has changed yet again in backward incompatible way. The chunk (slice) size is now 1 MB.

This is yet another release candidate for 1.0.0. Stable release should follow in 10 days if no problems are found.


  • Format change! Chunk (slice) size reduced from 16MB to 1MB, solved many Out Of Memory errors.
  • Fix #313: mmap files larger than 2GB could not be created
  • Fix #308: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException if store is larger 16MB.
  • Fix #312: error while opening db with readonly
  • Fix #304: BTreeMap.replace() fails under concurrent access
  • Large scale code cleanup before 1.0.0 freeze and release
  • DBMaker: rename syncOnCommitDisable() to commitFileSyncDisable()
  • DBMaker: add newHeapDB() option, this store does not use serialization and is almost as fast as java collections

Open problems:

  • Open #304 and #283: BTreeMap fails under concurrent access: . Unconfirmed and needs more investigation.
  • Documentation

Version 0.9.11 (2014-03-24)

This fixes serious race condition for in-memory store. Also there is fix for secondary collections containing wrong values. And finally all file locking problems on Windows should be solved.

As result the store format was completely changed. There is no backward compatibility with previous releases. MapDB now allocates memory in 16MB chunks (slices), so new empty database will always consume a few MB of memory/disk space.

This is last 0.9.x release, next release will be 1.0.0.


  • Fix #303 and #302: There was race condition in Volumes, which caused data corruption under concurrent access.
  • Fix #252 and #274: File locking on Windows is now completely solved. We no longer use overlapping ByteBuffers which were source of errors.
  • Fix #297: BTreeMap modification listeners received wrong key. As result secondary collections could contain wrong data.
  • Fix #300: Queue.offer() should return false, not throw an IllegalStateException(). Not really isssue since MapDB does not have queues with limited size yet.
  • Engine: add close listener, to prevent NPE on shutdown in HTreeMap Cache
  • Maven: do not run tests in parallel, it causes out of memory errors
  • StoreWAL: do not delete log file after every commit, keep it around. This should speedup commits a lot
  • Volume: mmap file chunks (slices) were synced multiple times, causing slow sync and commits
  • Volume: change ‘chunk size’ (slice size) from 1GB to 16MB and disable incremental allocation.
  • DBMaker: The ‘full chunk allocation’ option was removed and is now on by default.
  • DBMaker: method newDirectMemoryDB() replaced with newMemoryDirectDB()
  • Fun: Added Tuple5 and Tuple6 support

Open problems:

  • Open #304 and #283: BTreeMap fails under concurrent access: . Unconfirmed and needs more investigation.
  • Documentation

Version 0.9.10 (2014-02-18)

Yet another bug fix release before 1.0. There is fix for serious data corruption with disabled transactions. Async-Writer queue is no longer unbounded to prevent memory leaks. In-memory cache is now much easier to use with memory size limit, checkout Map cache = DBMaker.newCache(sizeLimitInGB)


  • Fix #261: SerializerPojo could cause data corruption with transaction disabled.
  • Fix #281: txMaker.makeTx().snapshot() does not work.
  • Fix #280: Check for parent folder when opening file db.
  • Fix #288: syncOnCommitDisable() does not work at WAL
  • Fix #276: In-memory cache based on HTreeMap now has memory size limit. Checkout Map cache = DBMaker.newCache(sizeLimitInGB)
  • Fix #282: DB.createXXX() does not throw exception if collection already exists.
  • Fix #275: AsyncWrite fails with OOM error, Async Write Queue has now limited size
  • Fix #272: Memory leak when using closeOnJvmShutdown (eg. any tmp map)
  • BTreeMap.containsKey is now faster with valuesOutsideNodes
  • Store: Fix invalid checksum computation with compress enabled

Open problems:

  • Documentation
  • Small performance issues

Version 0.9.9 (2014-01-29)

This release should be release candidate for 1.0. However serious issues are still being discovered, and documentation is not in releasable state. From now on I will probably roll out 0.9.10, 11, 12 and so every week after every major bugfix. 1.0 should be released in a few weeks after bugs ‘go away’ and documentation is ready.

This release fixes broken TxMaker, concurrent transactions would always generate false modification conflict. TreeSet in BTreeMap was also seriously broken, it would not handle deletes, I had to change TreeSet format to fix it. Write Ahead Transactions were broken and could sometime corrupt log, solution requires WAL format change. Also compaction on store was broken.


  • Fix #259: BTreeMap & TreeSet returns incorrect values after entries were deleted.
  • Fix #258: StoreWAL: rewrite LongStack to solve misaligned page sizes.
  • Fix #262: TxMaker concurrent transaction always fails with conflict
  • Fix #265: Compaction was broken
  • Fix #268: Pump.buildTreeMap does not set a default comparator
  • Fix #266: Serialization fail on Advanced Enums
  • Fix #264: Fix NPA if store fails to open
  • BTreeMap: add meta-information to BTree nodes to support counted BTree and per-node aggregations in future.

Open problems:

Version 0.9.8 (2013-12-30)

This release is considered ‘beta’, API and store format should be now frozen. Append-Only store and Store Pump are not part of MapDB for now. Random Access File is enabled by default.

This release changes store format and is not backward compatible. There are also several API changes. Also some new features are added.


  • Append-Only store was postponed to 1.1 release. All methods are not public now.
  • Pump between stores was postponed to 1.1 release. All methods are not public now.
  • Random Access File is now default option. Memory Mapped Files can be enabled with DBMaker.mmapFileEnable()
  • Refactor: Utils class removed
  • Refactor: Bind.findValsX() renamed to Fun.filter()
  • StoreDirect and WAL format changes.
  • Jar is now annotated as OSGIi bundle, some classloader fixes.
  • StoreWAL commit speedup
  • Pump sorting now handles duplicates.
  • Fix #247: could not reopen collections with size counter.
  • Fix #249: SerializerPojo was not rolled back.
  • Non-existing DB.getXX() on read-only store now returns readonly empty collection
  • BTreeKeySerializer now supplies serializers
  • Serializer gives fixed size hint
  • Bind: add reverse binding and secondary keys for maps
  • Adler32 checksum replaced with stronger CRC32.
  • Fix #237, StoreAppend dont close volume on corrupted file
  • Fix #237, assertion fails with archived records
  • HTreeMap: use Hasher for collection hashes.
  • Fix #232: POJO serialization broken on complex object graphs
  • Fix #229: compression was not working.
  • DB.createTreeMap() and DB.createHashMap() now uses builder

Version 0.9.7 (2013-10-28)

Store format is not backward compatible. Fixed locking issues on Windows. Concurrent Transactions (TxMaker) reworked and finally fixed. Added DBMaker.fullChunkAllocationEnable() to enable disk space allocation in 1GB chunks. In-memory store now can be compacted. Fixed race condition in BTreeMap.put().


  • Rework integer/long serialization.
  • Fix #214: Queues now implement BlockingQueue interface
  • Refactor DBMaker so it uses properties. Easy to load/save config.
  • TxMaker reworked, fixed concurrency issue.
  • StoreDirect & WAL use stricter locking.
  • Fix #218 and #192, locking issues on Windows during compaction solved.
  • Added Tuple comparators.
  • Fixed several issues in Data Pump.
  • Fix #187, Reference to named objects/collections should be serializable
  • BTreeMap: fix #209, put operation was not thread safe.

Version 0.9.6 (2013-09-27)

Concurrent Transactions (TxMaker) almost fixed. Backward incompatible store format change. Snapshots are no longer enabled by default.

Open issues:

  • Fix #201: failing test suggests that Concurrent Transactions contains race condition.


  • Concurrent Transactions were broken and are now completely re-written.
  • Snapshots are no longer enabled by default. DbMaker.snapshotDisable() replaced by DbMaker.snapshotEnable()
  • StoreDirect now has checksum which refuses to reopen incorrectly closed stores. In result stores created with 0.9.5- can not be open.
  • Store now supports recid preallocation, this leads to faster insert.
  • Fixed performance issue with batch imports
  • Fixed performance issues in free space management
  • Volume has lighter exception handling, result is small speed improvement
  • StoreHeap rewritten. Now it has full transactions.
  • Changes in locking to make it more robust and prevent deadlocks
  • Java Assertions used instead of IllegalArgumentException and InternalError. Please use -ea JVM switch when running MapDB
  • SerializerBase: various optimizations so methods fits into JIT limits

Version 0.9.5 (2013-08-26)

Bugfixes from previous release. Fixed data corruption bugs, upgrade strongly recommended.


  • Fix #177: broken compression
  • Fix data corruption with disabled transactions
  • CRC32 replaced with faster Adler32, store which uses checksum is no backward compatible
  • Fix #167: Add DB.exists() method to check if named record/collection
  • Fix #167: Add a makeOrGet to DB Collection maker API.
  • StoreWAL: fix some TOMBSTONE details
  • Bind: Add methods to find subsets on composite sets

Version 0.9.4 (2013-08-09)

No backward compability with previous versions. Some parts were completely rewritten for better free space management. Many small improvements.


  • HTreeMap now supports automatic LRU eviction based on size or access time.
  • DB TreeMap, TreeSet and HashMap now uses builder class.
  • Reworked SerializerBase
  • Reworked Serializer implementations
  • Checksum, Compression and Encryption integrated into store, now much faster
  • Add .sizeLong() into HTreeMap and BTreeMap.
  • Fixed data corruption in HTreeMap
  • Rewritten space reclaim algorithm
  • Store now has maximal size limit
  • DBMaker.writeAheadLogDisable() renamed to DBMaker.transactionDisable()
  • TxMaker is now concurrent
  • BTreeMap now supports descending maps

Version 0.9.3 (2013-06-02)

CRITICAL upgrade urgency. This release fixes number of critical bugs in Write Ahead Log. It also adds support for advanced Java Serialization, which was reported many times as a bug.


  • FIX Issue #17 - Serializer fails in some cases (writeExternal and readExternal methods)
  • FIX Issue #136 & #132 - Data corruption in Write Ahead Log after rollback or reopen.
  • FIX Issue #137 - Deadlock while closing AsyncWriteEngine Credit Jan Sileny
  • FIX Issue #139 - rolled back TX should not throw exception on close.
  • FIX Issue #135 - SerializerPojo registered classes problem. Credit Jan Sileny
  • ADD DBMaker.syncOnCommitDisable() parameter
  • ADD all stuff in DataIO.ByteArrayDataOutput and DataInput2 is public. It also extends In/OutputStream now.

Version 0.9.2 (2013-05-19)

CRITICAL upgrade urgency. This release fixes some critical bugs. It also improves performance and introduces Data Pump.

Open Issues:

  • Issue #17 - Serializer fails in some cases (writeExternal and readExternal methods)


  • FIX Issue #119 - BTreeMap did not released locks with multiple transactions
  • FIX Issue #125 - calling close twice failed.
  • FIX race condition in HTreeMap
  • ADD ByteBuffer now uses duplicate() instead of synchronization. Better concurrency
  • ADD Issue #123 - Replace RandomAccessFile by FileChannel and improve performance on 32bit systems.
  • ADD Delta Packing for tuples
  • ADD better serialization for small strings
  • ADD improve Javadoc, use Pegdown Doclet so Javadoc can be written in markdown
  • ADD reuse DataOutput instances, performance improvement
  • ADD datapump to create BTreeMap from large unsorted data set in linear time. Checkout Huge_Insert example
  • ADD improve AsyncWriteEngine performance by removing Write Queue

Version 0.9.1 (2013-04-14)

CRITICAL upgrade urgency. This release fixes number of critical bugs from first release, including data store corruption and crashes.

Open issues:

  • Issue #119 - BTreeMap (TreeMap) may not release all locks and consequently crash. This is unconfirmed and hard to replicate concurrent bug. I temporarily added assertion which slows down BTreeMap updates, but helps to diagnose this problem
  • Issue #118 - StoreWAL fails to create log for unknown reasons and crashes. Not reproduced yet, need to investigate.


  • FIX #111 - Compaction fails with large data sets
  • FIX - BTreeKeySerializer.ZERO_OR_POSITIVE_INT was broken
  • FIX #89 - StoreAppend reopen failed
  • FIX #112 - Compaction fails with WAL enabled
  • FIX #114 - RandomAccessFile fails with WAL
  • FIX #113 - MemoryMappedFile was not unlocked on Windows after DB close
  • FIX - rewrite AsynwWriteEngine, fix many concurrent bugs
  • FIX - Files were not synced on DB.close(). Possible data loss.
  • FIX - free space reuse did not worked in StoreDirect and StoreWAL. Storage file grown infinitely with each update.
  • FIX #116 - HTreeMap.isEmpty returned wrong result.
  • FIX #121 - WAL could get corrupted in some cases.
  • ADD - basic benchmark
  • ADD - error message if file rename fails after compaction finishes
  • ADD - #119 BTreeMap locking could not be fixed, I added assertion to help diagnose issue. Small performance drop on BTreeMap updates.
  • ADD - performance improvement if Snapshot engine is not used.

Version 0.9.0 (2013-04-01)

First release with stable API and storage format.

Upgrade urgency levels:

  • LOW: No need to upgrade unless there are new features you want to use.
  • MODERATE: Program an upgrade of the DB engine, but it’s not urgent.
  • HIGH: There is a critical bug that may affect a subset of users. Upgrade!
  • CRITICAL: There is a critical bug affecting MOST USERS. Upgrade ASAP.